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A temperature
check tool for

A one-click temperature check tool to connect, learn from and strengthen your bond as a team.

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ShareFeels at work

Rate your workday one to five

See instantly how you compare to the rest of your team.

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Anonymous voting

Take comfort in knowing your vote is always anonymous.

Daily and weekly results

Check your team's progress and how you compare over time.

We're not just for work

You don't have a limit on number of groups, so you can check in on friends and family too.

Temporary groups

Great for workshops, meetups or any other events. People that join your group don't have to register to vote.

Check-ins with my team allows us to tackle issues as they arrise, preventing them from snowballing.

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ShareFeels Plus

More control. More insight. Tailored for businesses.
Coming soon


Compare user trends over days, weeks, and months

Birds-eye view

Get a snapshot of your teams results


Enable anonymous comments for additional insight


Generate weekly and monthly results and trend reports

Custom welcome message

¿Como te sientes hoy?

Custom voting frequency

You can now decide how often you'd like your team to vote.


IOS/Android and Email push notifications

Coaching support

Team and 1:1 coaching to help you get the best results

How it works

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Step 1

Create a group

To get started, sign up for an account, create a group and invite your teammates.

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Step 2

Vote how you feel

You and your team vote how you feel about your day.

Votes are anonymous.

ShareFeels.io app
Step 3

Compare results

Compare your results with the rest of the team and decide on whether (if any) actions are needed.

Stories & Inspiration

Be sure you're getting the most out of ShareFeels with our handy guides and tips on our blog.

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