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How to use is not limited to a groups or a context.
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Here's how it works:

Step 1: Create groups & invite people.

It could be a group for your friends, family, colleagues, etc. With each group you can have different voting criteria.

Step 2: How do you feel today?

You and the group vote how you feel on a scale from 1(sad) to 5(amazing). This usually happens end of the day. Don't over-think it.

Your vote is anonymous!

Step 3: What's the mood like today?

After you vote, you instantly see the results compared to the groups' average.

Depending on the results, we give you tips on how to the start the conversation.

[drums roll] ... conclusion! result illustrated

Do you feel the same as the group?

Good or bad, low or high, sad or happy ... it’s not just you! result illustrated

Do you feel lower than the group?

Ask the group why they feel better. Maybe you are missing something! result illustrated

Do you feel better than the group

Bring some positivity, talk with your group about why you feel positive.

Remember, the vote is anonymous! :)

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Frequently Asked Questions

ShareFeels is free for both personal as business use.

You can create a maximum of 10 groups. It would be hard to keep track of more than 6-7 groups anyway ... ... or could you? 🙃

The current limit is 100. We are working on increasing this number in the near future.

Yes and no. ShareFeels is based on behaviour observations & qualitative research in real world scenarios/use cases.