A temperature check tool for teams

How you feel is real, but might not be true.
Check-in with your team and recognise the truth of your day to day.

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How it works, and the benefits...
Reality checker

Check if how you feel about your day matches how your teams feels.

Noticed your team has been less than enthusiastic than usual, or are they feeling the pressure during a difficult project?

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ShareFeels.io day view
A tool for reflection

Use ShareFeels to reflect on
your week

ShareFeels.io week view

Set your rate frequency and see your total group's results in the week view.
The week's data is especially useful in a team retrospection session.

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A conversation starter

Your rating is anonymous, no reason to hide how your feel about your day.

Think of it as an anonymous focus group, by protecting your and your team's identity, you'll feel much more comfortable sharing feedback.

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ShareFeels.io privacy
Not just for teams

Running an event? Create one-off groups to take the room's pulse.

Registration not required to rate an event—Just access the url and rate the event. Excellent for a workshops, seminars, conferences, training sessions, meet-ups, lectures ... or any other type of event.

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ShareFeels.io events


Everything you need to check-in with your teams and keep the pulse on your company.

Anonymous rating

Rest assured that your ratings
are anonymous

Multiple groups

Keep track of multiple teams

Team management

Add or remove members
for each group


Public events, no registration
required to rate an event

Rating frequency

What days of the week you want to rate your group

Custom rating message

¿Como te sientes hoy?
Comment te sens-tu aujourd'hui?


Excellent for remote teams

Private. No tracking.

We respect your privacy.
No behaviour tracking.

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