A temperature check tool for teams

Start a daily routine that brings your team together, learn from your daily challenges and grow together.

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How to set up a reminder

Closure for the day

Use ShareFeels at the end of your workday as a ritual to help you disconnect from work.

ShareFeels.io Illustration
ShareFeels.io Illustration

Reality checker

Reality check if how you feel about your workday matches how your teams feels about it.
Did you have a bad day? Maybe you are missing something? Start a conversation.

Tips on what to do after you voted

A tool for reflection

Use ShareFeels to reflect on your day, compare today to yesterday, and have a weekly retrospective. What went well? What went wrong? What could be improved?

ShareFeels is an excellent tool for retrospectives.
Read more about ShareFeels in retros

ShareFeels.io Illustration
ShareFeels.io Illustration

A conversation starter

The votes are anonymous, and because of that, the results are likely an objective view of how your team feels.

It's easy to have an open conversation about the team's status and how to improve when nobody can point fingers.

Other benefits

Here's how it works

The setup takes less than a minute and your daily vote just a few seconds.

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Step 1

Create a group

Sign up, create a group and invite your team to ShareFeels

Vote how you feel
Step 2

Vote how you feel

Every day at 17:00, you and your team vote how you feel about the day.

Create a daily reminder for Slack or Microsoft Teams

The vote is annonymous!

Reflect on the day
Step 3


Reflect with your team on the results, and close off your day.


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Create a daily reminder for Slack or Microsoft Teams
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Frequently Asked Questions

ShareFeels is free for both personal as business use.

You can create a maximum of 10 groups. It would be hard to keep track of more than 6-7 groups anyway ... ... or could you? 🙃

The current limit is 100. We are working on increasing this number in the near future.