Notifications are an important part of the ShareFeels process. However, it's equally important to us that we deliver our notifications correctly.

The most effective way is by setting a reminder on Teams or Slack. We recommend setting a reminder at the end of the workday, so at around 16:30 or 17:00pm.

Creating a daily reminder on slack

Copy and paste the following line anywhere in the message box on Slack.

/remind #TypeChannelNameHere @channel Hey team, how do you feel today? Vote now on every weekday at 16:30

  1. Replace #TypeChannelNameHere with the channel where you want the daily reminder to show.
  2. You can adapt the message to one of your choice, just make sure you include the link!
  3. Be sure to change the time to the one you're hoping to use as a team

You can read more about this on the Slack website:
How to set a reminder on Slack website

How to create a daily reminder on Microsoft Teams

On Microsoft Teams you will have to install an add-on directly into your the Microsoft Teams app, this will then become instantly available for everyone in the group/team.

  1. Select a group and press enter @ key
  2. Click on "Get bots" and search for Remind app
  3. Click on Add and your Reminder should now be added to your Microsoft Teams
  4. Click on "Set a reminder"
  5. Enter your message: "Hey team, how do you feel today? Vote now on"
  6. Select the time: 17:00
  7. Select Repeat: Every day
  8. Click on the days you don't want a reminder: S S
  9. Set Reminder

How to uninstall Remind

What about other platforms?

If we're missing your platform from the list and you'd like a tutorial, please send a message to We look forward to hearing from you.