Create a daily reminder for Slack or Microsoft Teams

By Dorin Vancea - Founder
Create a daily reminder for Slack or Microsoft Teams

I'm debating whether if I should create email notifications for the daily vote or not. Personally, I find email notifications of this type a bit too intrusive. Plus, geo-location notifications are a huge pain to develop. Maybe in the future? In the meantime ...

Something more appropriate would be to get a notification on Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other similar platforms. I recommend creating a reminder for 16:30 or 17:00, the end of your workday.

How to create a daily reminder on Slack

Copy and Paste the following line anywhere in the message box on Slack.

/remind #TypeChannelNameHere @channel Hey team, how do you feel today? Vote now on every weekday at 16:30

  1. Replace #TypeChannelNameHere with the channel where you want the daily reminder to show.
  2. You can change the message straight after the channel name
  3. You can change the time at the end

You can read more about this on Slack website:
How to set a reminder on Slack website

How to create a daily reminder on Microsoft Teams

On Microsoft Teams you will have to install an Addon in your Microsoft Team app, this will become available instantly for everyone in the group/team.

  1. Select a group and press enter @ key
  2. Click on "Get bots" and search for Remind app
  3. Click on Add and your Reminder should now be added to your Microsoft Teams
  4. Click on "Set a reminder"
  5. Enter your message: "Hey team, how do you feel today? Vote now on"
  6. Select the time: 17:00
  7. Select Repeat: Every day
  8. Click on the days you don't want a reminder: S S
  9. Click on Set reminder

How to uninstall Remind

Other platforms?

Hope this helps and please let me know at if I should add similar guides for other platforms.

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