How started

By Dorin Vancea - Founder
How started

I'm a freelancer in Tech and have been for most of my career. There are many ups and downs, good days, and bad days. It's quite an intense work-life, but it's rewarding. I prefer it because I get a lot of exposure to various projects across many industries, meeting many people from different backgrounds and continually learning.But ...

High intensity comes at a cost

The cost is anxiety and stress. I know when I feel anxious or stressed, but it's hard to tell when people around me feel the same, and I bet they can't tell that about me. We are very good at masking anxiety, stress, and other negative feelings.

Anxiety and stress are somehow inevitable

At a high level, our brain works something like this:

  1. Our brain creates scenarios based on information coming from the world
  2. Matches that information with your personal past experiences
  3. Analyses the difference
  4. Gives you a result in the shape of an emotion
  5. The emotion is followed by a reaction(stressor/change)

This process probably runs unconsciously millions of times a day.

Minimising anxiety and stress

An easy and effective way to minimise stress and anxiety is to check with other people, do they feel what you feel, do they see what you see?

More often than not, a conversation is everything you need to change how you see a situation. You stop living in your head and see the reality for what it is. But ...

The challenge is not having a conversation; the challenge is how to start the conversation.

You are walking on eggshells until you get to the point where you can speak openly about how you feel. The process is, of course, sensitive. You don't want to be judged for something that might not even be real. This is one of the problems we are solving with

Use ShareFeels as a conversation starter is a temperature check tool for you and your colleagues, your friends, family, etc. The way it works is pretty straight forward:

Let's say you create a group for your team. You vote how you feel about your workday on a scale from 1(low) to 5(happy). Daily. Your vote is anonymous. After you vote, you instantly see the group's average vote, and ...

🧙‍♂️This is where the magic happens:

Use the groups' average vote as a foundation to kick-off a conversation. It's super easy, ask your group: "Why do you feel like a 4.2, or a 3.5"... whatever the average.

How started

Regardless of whether you feel better or worse than the group, having a conversation will help you adjust your mood and ground yourself in a more objective reality. And the whole voting process takes just a few seconds.

Does it work?

I'm using ShareFeels with my team, and it works really well. Even though we vote daily, it's hard to find time for a conversation every day. What is surprising is that even if we don't have our daily conversation, it feels good to see they voted and what the average is. It connects us. I instantly empathise with them when I see the votes.

Try it out; I hope it works for you as well. Sign up for free

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Frequently Asked Questions

ShareFeels is free for both personal as business use.

You can create a maximum of 10 groups. It would be hard to keep track of more than 6-7 groups anyway ... ... or could you? 🙃

The current limit is 100. We are working on increasing this number in the near future.