What's the motivation behind ShareFeels?

Our goal is to make a tool that helps:


Working with many companies and teams across the years, I've noticed that there's an important part missing from our ways of working. If you are in a Scrum team, you are probably familiar with daily stand-up. If not: It's basically a daily ritual, usually in the morning, where teams come together to start and plan the day. (Read more about daily stand-up)

A new team ritual

ShareFeels, by contrast, creates a ritual that closes the day. Every day, at 17:00, you and your team vote how you feel about your workday. It literally takes three-second(count it 🙃 ). Your votes are anonymous. After you vote, you instantly see how you compare with how your colleagues feel about the day. It's up to you where you go from here. You can start a conversation with them to check why there's a difference between how you feel vs how they feel.

There are many benefits to this ritual, some more obvious than others, some more subtle than others. Check out the core benefits on the homepage.

To summarise the benefits ...

ShareFeels acts like a mini daily retrospective. It takes away the emotional baggage you carry during your workday and gives you a closure for the day. It helps you disconnect from work.

Personally, I find it challenging to disconnect from work during Covid/Lockdown, and tools that help me switch off work are now more important than ever.

Give it a try I hope it works for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

ShareFeels is free for both personal as business use.

You can create a maximum of 10 groups. It would be hard to keep track of more than 6-7 groups anyway ... ... or could you? 🙃

The current limit is 100. We are working on increasing this number in the near future.