Our goal is to create a tool that helps:

  • Create resilient individuals and high-performing teams
  • Facilitate open conversations to strengthen team bonds
  • Create business cultures that empowers, guides and supports people

Our Background

With years of experience working with many companies and teams of all shapes and sizes, I've noticed there's something missing when it comes to the way we work. In Tech, many Scrum teams start their day with a morning stand-up, where members talk through their plans for the day, providing a collaborative understanding and sense of unity. But that’s not enough.

A new team ritual

So, after opening your day with a ritual, go full circle and implement ShareFeels into your routine to close the day.

Everyday, at around five pm, you and your team vote, out of five, how you've felt about the day. The best part? It literally takes three seconds (you can count if you don't believe us...🙃).

Once you've voted, you can instantly see how your results compare to your colleagues. Then, it's up to you to decide how to go from there. We'll give you tips, but you can decide on whether you feel it's time to start a conversation, or simply keep an eye on further results.

There are many benefits to adding ShareFeels to your daily rituals. Some are more obvious and instantaneous, others more subtle and with longevity.

ShareFeels acts as an almost mini daily retrospective. Voting provides a physical release from the emotional baggage of the workday, providing that much-needed closure and opportunity to truly disconnect come 17:30pm.

Personally I've always found it difficult to disconnect from work, and this has been heightened since Covid. So, making use of a tool like ShareFeels is as important to businesses (and my own team) now more than ever.

Give it a try

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Dorin Vancea
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